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    Cosmic Aliaksandra


    Just before the semifinal clash between Belarus and Australia Sasha found some time and gave the interview for tennis.by, in which she shared her thoughts about previous results in the USA, upcoming Fed Cup semifinal, new coach and website and also talked about the plans for the future.

    – The tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami did not bring the desirable results, did they?
    – Yes, that’s true. But what happened in the USA I want to leave in the past. I want to forget all the unpleasant moments and focus on the future tournaments. After such results I decided to split up with my coach Aliaksandr Leniuchau and just a few weeks ago started working with Vladimir Platenik. I had an opportunity to practice with him in Minsk. It is too early to say something for sure, but I liked the way we worked during that week. Every coach has a special method and different attitudes. But at the same time they all see the same things in my game. The difference is how they explain me what to do. The easier something is presented, the quicker I start putting it into practice. Now we are in Australia. You know how I like Brisbane. This city has a special place in my heart. These courts remember my final in 2018. I always come here with pleasure. I like almost everything here and I am looking forward for the weekends.

    – What is the reason for ending partnership with Aliaksandr Leniuchau?
    – It’s just the end of another stage. We made this decision together.

    – But nobody expected such a sudden change. Who did it happen that you started working with Vladimir Platenik?
    – 5 years ago I saw him working with Daria Kasatkina. I was impressed and said that it would be great to work with him some day. And now I understand one more time that our thoughts have power. Last month I called him and asked for help. He was busy with some issues and didn’t give me the direct answer. A few days later replied that he was really interested in working particularly with me. I was surprised and happy at the same time. Everything happed the way it should have happened. I had a strong desire to work with him. And I liked how we spent a week in Minsk. Probably, he hasn’t seen my drawbacks yet (smiling). But I understand that I have a lot of them. And I should work really hard on many aspects of my game. I am trying to be better. With every new coach, every match I get new experience.

    – What are you expecting from the partnership with Vladimir?
    – I asked him is it possible to break into top-15 by the end of the year. At the beginning of the season I spoke about top-10, but tournaments in the USA were not successful. He answered that we will work on it. I always put high goals and sometimes people blame me for this. But it’s not always possible and not that easy to reach these goals. But I still believe that it is important to have such goals.

    – Again speaking about Fed Cup. How can you describe the atmosphere in the team?
    – I enjoy playing for my country and spending time with teammates. Fed Cup is the place where I can be myself.

    – Now you have official website. Tell a few words about it.
    – It is my father’s birthday present for me. For a long time he has been working on this idea with a group of people. It took almost half a year to make it the way it is now with all the photos and news. Kirill Vlasovets is responsible for website. He always supports me, aware of all news and keeps in touch with my fans. And my father says that now when I have a website it is high time I broke into top-10. (smiling)

    – What are the plans for the future?
    – After Fed Cup I will spend two days in Minsk and then will start my preparation for clay season with my new coach in Europe. I really like tournaments in Madrid and Rome and finally want to show great results there. I believe that I have a potential on clay courts. And of course I still want to be myself. Some people say that I am so to say cosmic, always in the space. I have my own world where there is a place only for the closest people.

    We wish our Sasha all the best. Her world is to become the universe one day!
    Interview: tennis.by. Translation: sasnovich.com